Sopranos- Altos- Tenors- Vocal Percussion

Fall 2022 Auditions

For Berklee Students:

September 14th & 15th, 2022

6PM-Midnight 136 Mass Ave, Room 302

1). Prepare two contrasting songs (verse and chorus)

2). Major Scale (Ascending and Descending)

3). Chromatic Scale (Ascending and Descending)

For Non-Berklee Auditionees:

Submit a video audition by 10pm on September 15th that includes the following:

1. Introduction - Name, Age, School (if applicable), Semester (if applicable), Voice Part

2. Two contrasting songs (verse and chorus)

3. Major Scale (Ascending and Descending)

4. Chromatic Scale (Ascending and Descending) 

After completing your video, click the Audition Now button below to fill out the Audition form and attach your video. 

*Please note that auditions are not limited to Berklee students. Any vocalist in the Boston area is allowed to apply.