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Prepare the following:

  1. Introduction

    • State your name, age and year in college, what college you attend, voice part, and where you’re from.

  2. Solo

    • Verse and Chorus of Two Contrasting Songs

      • Vocal Percussionists included!

  3. Range Test:

    • Sopranos: Top of Range​

    • Basses: Bottom of Range

    • Vocal Percussionists: Bottom / Top of range

  4. Part Singing:

    • Download materials for Tints CLICK HERE

    • Use learning tracks and sheet music to learn your part

    • Pay attention to the phrasing, dynamics, and inflections of the voices on the demo, and do your best to blend with them

    • Once you have each song learned, play the “performance” track for your part and sing along with it (your part will be missing from this track, you fill it in with your voice). When you record yourself doing this, we want to hear mostly you, but also the performance track in the background as well. You don’t need to have it memorized.

  5. Vocal Percussionists: 

    • Showcase your kit!

    • Make sure to show straight-ahead beats, fills, freestyle beatboxing, etc).

    • Include a simple beat at a comfortable tempo along with a metronome. No need to be flashy for this part, we just want to see that you can keep a solid tempo.

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